Financial Incentives

Since its founding, the Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership has successfully attracted nearly $100 million in federal and state government investment for the Arsenal campus.

The Partnership has spearheaded extensive renovations around the 143 acre site and, in the case of facilities like Building 125, has completely transformed the use to accommodate private business.  Built in 1917, Building 125 had a long life as a precision line manufacturing facility.  The Partnership completely overhauled this former machine shop to now house the corporate headquarters for global leaders in nanotechnology. The Partnership helped private enterprise to collaborate with state government and university partners to construct a state-of-the-art clean room.

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG)

The Center for Economic GrowthSince 1987, the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) has been committed to fostering visionary economic growth throughout the 11-county Capital Region, as well as a significant portion of the Tech Valley corridor.

As a private, not-for-profit organization we work with a diverse group of members and partners to advance the ability of the region and it’s assets to succeed in the global marketplace. With a focused and strategic approach we work to:

GROW local companies by offering tactical business development strategies and services;

ATTRACT opportunities for technology investment and expansion throughout Tech Valley and

PREPARE communities to achieve their desired economic growth while enhancing the region’s excellent quality of life.