The 143-acre Arsenal site includes 2.2 million square feet of industrial, laboratory, office and warehouse space, a fiber-optic telecommunications infrastructure, on-site steam generating boiler plant, electrical transmission system, main electrical switch station and rail service.


Provided by the City of Watervliet and entering the site from 6 locations via 12″ and 14″ mains at 60 psi.

Sanitary Sewer

Provided by the City of Watervliet; processed by Albany County Sewer District;
4″ to 24″ lines

Storm Sewer

System owned by site comprised of 38,000 linear feet, 4″ to 36″ piping. Discharged from site at 8 locations.

Waste Treatment

High-capacity industrial waste treatment plant is available for use with treatment/collection of acid waste, oil waste and cyanide waste as defined by SPDES permit.

Electric Power

Two 115kV, 3 Phase, 3 wire transmission lines provided by National Grid directly to the site’s Main Power Station — stepped down by 2 banks of 3 transformers to 13,200/7,600 Volts. Site is classified as a Large General Electric Service, Transmission customer at an SC-3A rate with Empire Zone credits.

Gas Service

Provided by National Grid throughout the site.

Steam Generation

On-site high pressure steam generating plant with 5 boilers. Steam utilized for process and heat.


Underground distribution with multi-mode & single-mode fiber and copper cable configured in a start topology with fault tolerance.

  • Metro Ethernet – Provider Time Warner Telecommunications (TWTC)
  • T1’s 1054 Mbps – Provider TWTC or Verizon
  • DS3’s 45 Mbps – Provider TWTC or Verizon
  • Both Provider TWTC and Verizon have on-site multiplexers (MUXs)