Partnership Opportunities

A Powerful Partner

The Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership was created in 1999 by the Capital Region’s government, business and educational leaders. A not-for-profit organization, its mission is to transform the site into a technology and business center. This transformation will assure the long-term sustainability of the Arsenal as both an economic force and a historical landmark.

The Partnership’s objectives include:

  • Preserving and enhancing the mission of Benet Labs and the Watervliet Arsenal
  • Creating and retaining jobs
  • Lowering site costs to the Army
  • Attracting new businesses to the site, and
  • Creating an integrated manufacturing and R&D park.

The Partnership is the exclusive economic development agent for the site and will provide you assistance with:

  • All location services
  • Interface with the Arsenal and Benét Labs
  • Economic development assistance
  • Problem solving

Benet Laboratories

Benet LabsBenet Laboratories is a Department of the Army research, development and engineering facility located at the Watervliet Arsenal. Benet Labs is recognized world-wide as a Center of Excellence for gun design, structural and dynamic analysis, application of advanced materials and composites, and laboratory simulations ranging from gun firing phenomena to static and dynamic load testing, as well as environmental testing.

A full compliment of modern laboratory equipment, along with a highly trained staff of scientists, engineers, and technicians enables Benet to be a world leader in innovative technology and applications.

The Partnership can help foster your companies relationship with Benet, including the formation of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

CRADAs are structured to offer the nonfederal partner an opportunity to leverage its resources with those of the federal laboratory by sharing the costs of research for the development of products.  The nonfederal partner may provide funds, personnel, services, equipment, facilities, intellectual property, or other resources needed to conduct a specific research or development effort.  The federal laboratory may provide similar resources but may not directly provide federal funds to the nonfederal CRADA partner.

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG)

Center for Economic GrowthPursuing primary areas of strategic development, CEG brings together a brain trust from among the Region’s leading companies, academic institutions, community organizations and government — an alliance rooted in vision, in action, and in results. CEG’s mission is to develop and promote regional efforts to attract high-tech talent and companies and to providing innovative services to bolster local businesses. CEG’s goal is to generate robust, contagious and intelligent regional business expansion in Tech Valley.