The Region

New York’s Tech Valley is a 19-county region of eastern New York State that spans from south of Montreal to just north of New York City.  People from across the country and around the world are relocating to take advantage of our stable economy, educational opportunities and incredible quality of life.

Tech Valley’s history is rooted in innovation. From the opening of the Erie Canal and the invention of steam powered ships to today’s cutting edge research, the Capital Region has always been an epicenter of progress.

Today, Tech Valley is home to more than 1,000 technology companies with 50,000 jobs and an annual economic impact of more than $5 billion. The region has boosted businesses from global companies like GE, to start-ups in one of our many high tech business incubators.

Three interstate highways, a recently transformed international airport, high-speed rail service, a new Amtrak station and a year-round deep-water port combine to provide the most efficient access to North American and global markets.

At the heart of this technological powerhouse is the site of the Watervliet Arsenal.