The Capital Region of New York State has always enjoyed a stable economy and an excellent quality of life.  Economic indicators, such as employment, population growth, housing prices and education consistently showcase the strength of the region.

Unemployment figures in the region are the strongest in the state and the Capital Region is always well below the state and national average. Employment in government, higher education and health care are approximately 40% of the region’s jobs. New economy jobs, being fueled by the recent growth of high tech companies, makes the outlook even brighter.

The Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC), and independent commission, has tracked steady population growth for the region over the past ten years, from 795,638 to 826,063 people.

The region is home to vast assortment of higher education institutions, and nearly 40% of the regional workforce has attained an Associate’s degree or higher. Each year surrounding universities and colleges, with 65,000 students, renew a highly skilled and entrepreneurial workforce. Among them, the University at Albany and RPI are internationally recognized as business oriented R&D centers.

Median home prices remain stable with consistent growth, another indicator of the region’s steadiness.