The Michael R. McNulty Center for Veteran Entrepreneurial Activity at the Watervliet Arsenal

Established in 2014, the Michael R. McNulty Center for Veteran Entrepreneurial Activity, or McNulty Center, by the Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership and the New York State Small Business Development Center aims to help veteran business owners start or grow a successful business.

The McNulty Center is an accelerator that provides access to a network of successful business advisors, other veteran business owners, and programming to help navigate the growth process for businesses or ignite creative thinking.  

According to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs data, the New York State veteran population consists of approximately 838,129 in New York.  In response to Governor Cuomo’s call to action to create more opportunities for New York’s veterans, the Partnership established the McNulty Center to help veterans start and grow businesses in the Capital Region. The McNulty Center’s success played a significant role in the Partnership receiving the designation as the Veterans Business Outreach Center for Federal Region II, in 2016 and again in 2018.

Since the inception of the McNulty Center and the Partnership’s VBOC designation, hundreds of veterans have been trained or counseled on starting or expanding their own small business. Veteran clients can leverage relationships with the Partnership’s professional experts and resource partners to be successfully positioned and contribute positively to the economic growth of the region and beyond.

During the Partnership’s tenure as site manager, the McNulty Center attracted several veteran-owned businesses to locate at the Arsenal, including AVET, Onsite Training Solutions, Resilient Support Services, Stonewall Defense, Strategic Response Initiatives, Sustineo, and Veteran Solar Systems.